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Alison Barter (born 1986) is an Australian pop rock singer-songwriter. Her single, ‘Girlie Bits’ (August 2016), was listed on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2016. It was included on her debut album, A Suitable Girl (20 March 2017), which peaked at No. 17 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

Ali Barter was born in Melbourne in 1986. She was raised by an Irish Catholic father (who had a son from a previous marriage) and a Buddhist mother. She spent her early years in Lae, Papua New Guinea, where her father worked. The family moved to Cairns before returning to Melbourne where she attended a Methodist secondary school. Barter was trained as a classical vocalist and spent eight years singing in the Australian Girls Choir. She left music, at about 14 to 16, and became a self-proclaimed ‘rat bag’: ‘I was just naughty. Drinking/partying too much and too often, behaving badly… just bummed around being a pest. Not contributing!’ Her father unexpectedly died when she was 24. Barter returned to music soon after, and began writing and releasing music independently.

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