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Black Cab is a Melbourne based drone and electronica group. The band has released five full-length albums and two EPs.

Melbourne-based Australian band Black Cab’s principal songwriters are guitarist James Lee and vocalist Andrew Coates, who originally performed together in early 1990s industrial rock group Foil. After an initial collaboration in 1999 produced a limited edition 3 track EP entitled ‘Illinois Chapter’, Coates moved to San Francisco and began writing what would become the band’s first full length album Altamont Diary (2004), a concept album loosely based on the Rolling Stones Altamont Free Concert. The album was recorded gradually over a two-year period and was produced and mixed by Melbourne producer Woody Annison. At that time James Lee was playing in Melbourne bands Registered Nurse and The Fergs. The debut album also featured a number of local Melbourne musicians including Richard Andrew on drums (Registered Nurse, Underground Lovers), Andrew McCubbin and Glenn Sharpe on sitar, as well as Adam Cunha from San Francisco mod rock group Helium Angel. The album Altamont Diary was released in mid-2004. Joining Black Cab for related live shows were Anthony Paine on bass (High Pass Filter), Steve Law (Zen Paradox) and Alex Jarvis (Automatic). Ashley Naylor (Even) also guested at a number of shows during 2005 and 2006.

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