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Bodyjar are an Australian pop punk band which formed in 1990. They began performing under the name Bodyjar in 1994; their previous names included Damnation (1990–91) and Helium (1992–93). The latter group released an album, You Can’t Hold Me Down, in October 1992. As Bodyjar their original line-up were Cameron Baines on vocals and guitar; Ben Petterson on vocals and guitar; Grant Relf on vocals and bass guitar; and Charles Zerafa on drums. In 1995 Ross Hetherington (ex-Bastard Squad, Swamp Rats) replaced Zerafa on drums. In 1999 Tom Read replaced Petterson on guitar and in 2004 Hetherington made way for Shane Wakker on drums.

Bodyjar released six studio albums, Take a Look Inside (1994), Rimshot! (1996), No Touch Red (1998), How It Works (2000), Plastic Skies (2002) and Bodyjar (2005), before disbanding in September 2009. After a hiatus they reformed in March 2012, their next album, Role Model, appeared on 18 October 2013, together with corresponding tour dates.

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