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Do-Ré-Mi (often typeset as Do-Re-Mi or Do Re Mi) are an Australian rock/pop band formed in Sydney in 1981 by Deborah Conway (lead vocals), Dorland Bray (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Helen Carter (bass, backing vocals) and Stephen Philip (guitar). They were one of Australia’s most respected and successful post-punk groups. Do-Ré-Mi recorded self-titledEP andThe Waiting Room for independent label Green Records before signing to Virgin Records and recording their first LP, Domestic Harmony in 1985 with Gavin MacKillop producing.Domestic Harmony achieved gold sales and contained their most played song, ‘Man Overboard’, which was a top 5 hit single in 1985. This song was notable for its lyrical references to penis envy and pubic hair. Do-Ré-Mi’s follow-up singles Idiot Grin and Warnings Moving Clockwise reached the Top 100.

Their second album, The Happiest Place in Town, produced by Martin Rushent, included the singles Adultery, King of Moomba and Haunt You, all of which charted to varying posiitons. The band chose to take an extended break in 1988, with Conway pursuing a solo career, and ended up permanently disbanding later in the decade.

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