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Helen Elizabeth Croome (born 1983), better known by her stage-name Gossling, is a folk/pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Gossling formed after Croome put Psychology/Sociology studies on hold to concentrate on a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at Box Hill Institute. In 2009 Croome met the musicians now joining her as Gossling being Joshua Jones – bass, Peter Marin – drums and Ryan Meeking- guitar. Gossling is currently signed to Australian record label Dew Process and UK label Polydor.

Her debut album Harvest of Gold was released in late 2013 to positive reviews. Her songs have been used in several popular television shows, and her cover of ‘Monday Tuesday Wednesday (I Love You)’ by Ross Parker has been used by Woolworths supermarkets. She was nominated for Channel V’s Oz Artist of the Year in 2012 and was invited to perform at SXSW2014

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