Jonathan Zwartz

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Jonathan Peter Zwartz is a New Zealand-born Australian-based jazz musician. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2013 he was nominated for Best Jazz Album for his second solo album, The Remembering & Forgetting of the Air (July 2013). In 2018 Zwartz won that category for Animarum (February 2018), his third album.

Jonathan Zwartz joined New Zealand pop band, the Crocodiles, on bass guitar, alongside Tony Backhouse on piano, Jenny Morris on lead vocals, Rick Morris (her brother) on guitar, and Barton Price on drums. The group were based in Auckland and performed at Sweetwaters 1981 in January before they relocated to Sydney in the following month. In July of that year Morris left to start her solo career, the remaining members had recorded a single, ‘Hello Girl’, with vocals by Rick but they disbanded soon after.

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