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Monsieur Camembert is a five-piece Gypsy fusion band formed in Sydney, Australia in 1997. They have won three ARIA Music Awards for Best World Music Album in 2002 for Live on Stage (released in 2001), in 2003 for Absynthe and in 2005 for Monsieur Camembert. The linguistic repertoire of Monsieur Camembert’s music includes English, Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Monsieur Camembert formed as a five-piece Gypsy fusion band in Sydney, Australia in 1997. Their first album, was the live release The Gypsy Hot Club Presents Monsieur Camembert, which featured Svetlana Bunic on accordion, Julian Curwin on lead guitar, Yaron Hallis on vocals and rhythm guitar, Michael Lira on double bass and Daniel Weltlinger on violin and was recorded at The Gypsy Hot Club. Released in 1999, it is also titled, Live @ The Basement and demonstrated their styles including Gypsy swing, Greek, Hungarian-Russian gypsy, klezmer, tango and original songs.

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