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Shane Michael HowardAM (born 26 January 1955) is an Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist, he was the mainstay of folk rock group Goanna (1977–85, 1998) which had hit singles with ”Solid Rock” (September 1982, No. 3) and ‘Let the Franklin Flow’ (May 1983, No. 12) on the Kent Music Report and their album, Spirit of Place (November 1982, No. 2). After their disbandment he pursued a solo career.

Shane Michael Howard was born on 26 January 1955 and raised in the Victorian coastal town of Dennington 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north-west of Warrnambool. He is the middle child of seven children of an Irish Catholic family living in a cramped factory cottage. Their father, Leo Howard, was a worker at the local Nestlés powdered milk factory, for 48 years. The Howards loved music, led by their mother, Teresa Howard, who played the piano and sang.

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