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Underground Lovers (sometimes stylised as undergroundLOVERS), are an Australian indie rock and electronic music band. The founding mainstays are Glenn Bennie (guitar, vocals) and Vincent Giarrusso (vocals, guitar, keyboard) who had formed the group as GBVG, in 1988. By May 1990 the duo were renamed as Underground Lovers and joined by Richard Andrew (drums), Maurice Argiro (bass guitar) and Philippa Nihill (vocals, guitar and keyboard).

Underground Lovers’ founding mainstays Glenn Bennie and Vincent Giarrusso met in a Melbourne suburban high school during the 1970s. Both were influenced by Joy Division, New Order, the Cure and the local underground electronic and experimental scene. By 1988 they formed a music duo, GBVG, while studying drama at university. They released a single, ‘Blast’, in that year. Australian music journalist, Ed Nimmervoll, opined that ‘Glenn’s striking hypnotic guitar atmospheres balanced against Vince’s acute pop sense.’

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