Performer, Dancer, Poet, Stand-Up and More!

Are you a performer? Dancer? Poet? Stand-up?

Are you studying (or teaching) film production, graphic arts, photography?

Are you interested in media studies, or journalism?

Do you see Business or IT Management in your future?

These diverse skills and interests are all part of presenting live shows. If they are yours – let’s get together to Light Up The Halls with song and dance, and fun times.

ARC welcomes and encourages original performers of all musical genres, and artistic endeavours.

We are looking for talent and enthusiasm in all aspects of Arts, Entertainment and Communications.

If you ask – we will find a spot for you.

ARC is here to help bring professional artists and technicians to live performances, and workshops, in schools and community venues.

We look forward to co-promoting shows where students, and new talent work alongside professional artists, in front of a live audience.

Hey! Bring your friends and family on board.

Ask the neighbour, down the road. Everyone is welcome!

And the Company will happily promote your original works, on our website. Just let us know!

ARC welcomes all opportunities to build on-going relationships with students, staff and school communities, to brighten our musical futures.